Online Therapy


I have successfully worked online with clients. It is highly effective and convenient.

Flexible – I want you to feel comfortable in your space and where you prefer to be, including the time of day that suits you best. Working online allows us flexibility.

Travel and Parking – Online therapy means no rushing late to appointments, no hassle with traffic or parking and your location doesn’t stop us working together.

Online Experience  – Not being in the same room can feel less intimidating. The online experience can allow a distance that helps some clients more.

I include full and detailed instructions of the computer set up before the first session and what to do should the connection drop.

We all get stuck sometimes. But we don’t always know why or indeed how to get out of it. We can sometimes feel that this is our path and we must learn to put up with it. That’s not true. 

It can be different and I can help. I use a range of tools from cognitive science, neuroscience, positive psychology, NLP and hypnotherapy. 

From my meeting with you, you were absolutely incredible with guiding me, giving very useful and helpful learning and study tips. In addition, I am also very comfortable talking to you.

M, undergraduate student

How 1-1 online therapy coaching works


Initially we have a discussion where I can understand your situation. We will discuss aspects of your problem, but this is not about a detailed analysis of your past.

I will create a confidential and bespoke plan tailored to you. This first session is approximately 90 minutes.

The goal is to resolve your issue and achieve the best outcome for you as quickly as possible, but this is always at a pace most comfortable to you.

Each session lasts approximately 60-75 minutes. 


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