About Suzanne

I’m a cognitive coach and hypnotherapist. These tools have helped me to transform both my mental and physical health. Helping my clients to make positive changes in their lives is why I do this work.

My extensive background in education helped me to recognise the many challenges with exam nerves, lack of confidence, stress and anxiety. I wrote a book called Study Smarter – a lecturer’s inside guide to boost your grades to help students. I have a PhD in chemistry.  

I am most passionate about helping those who despite their potential, talents and strengths are holding themselves back and feel disheartened.

 My story

From my own experience, I used to feel so nervous days ahead of an important presentation. I would worry continuously for days. I couldn’t eat properly either.  On the day of the presentation, I would wake up feeling sick. I would be counting down the time and just wished for it all to be over with. I couldn’t understand why this happened for me. It was like a programme running in my brain. I never imagined that I could enjoy presenting or speaking in public and feel less self-conscious about it. But now I do (which was impossible for me to believe could happen) using the tools from cognitive coaching and hypnotherapy.

I struggled with food and emotional eating for many years when I was younger and my weight was up and down. My relationship to food was my coping mechanism and a symptom of an underlying issue which was causing me pain and suffering. Using hypnotherapy and cognitive coaching, I was able to break free from these unhealthy and destructive patterns. 

I learned from my own journey that whatever is holding us back from being our best versions does not have to stay like this. We are not broken!  


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Professional training

The Quest Institute, London –  Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy & Master Practitioner 

Jacquin Hypnosis Academy – Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma

Ali Campbell – Diploma in Neuro Linguistic Programming and Hypnotherapy 

Member of the National Council of Hypnotherapy

I am currently training with Dr Gabor Mate on the Compassionate Inquiry professional certification training. 


The Effectiveness of Quest Cognitive Hypnotherapy

for the treatment of anxiety and depression compared with other therapies such as CBT.

Results taken from a pilot study of 118 cases

  • Cognitive Hypnotherapy 71% 71%
  • Other talking therapies 42% 42%