Learners are at the heart of my work, helping them take control of their own learning so that they feel motivated, empowered and excited.

I don’t believe I will be the first or last person to say that Dr Fergus as a lecturer, teacher, and mentor is one of the greatest assets. Her methods of teaching makes students think outside the box, enjoy learning and understand chemistry topics they once thought impossible” (student).

My teaching philosophy is a constructivist blended learning approach, inspiring students to bridge gaps in their understanding of concepts by engaging them with technologies outside the classroom and scaffolding learning activities in the classroom designed to regulate their metacognition.


In 2016, I was awarded the prestigious Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) Higher Education Teaching Award “for her sustained innovation in the teaching and assessment of chemistry across a diverse portfolio of undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes” (RSC nomination) and in 2017, I was honoured to receive a National Teaching Fellowship.

My research investigates areas in chemistry education, technology-enhanced learning, authentic assessment and feedback. I also investigate on cognitive enhancers (referred to as smart drugs).

Recent Research Publications


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