Welcome to the Bonus Resources for Study Smarter: A Lecturer’s inside guide to boost your grades

There are two videos for Chapter 3 Making Top Notes. The first video is The Cornell Method and this video walks you through using The Cornell Method to take great notes. The second video is on Mind Maps which is another great approach to plan and think creatively. I recommend that you try one of these approaches and notice the difference it makes to your notes and your learning.

Chapter 1 – The obvious stuff

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This is the image of the information processing model that helps us to understand learning.

Chapter 3 – Making top study notes

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This is the layout of the Cornell note-taking method.

Chapter 7 – What do lecturers look for?

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The verbs typically used in assessment questions with an explanation of what is required to answer such questions.

Chapter 19 – Planning a revision schedule

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The template to create and plan your own revision timetable will help you to track your time over a certain number of weeks. When you measure your time like this, you will have a top plan preparing for exams.

Download the spreadsheet as a .zip file