Weight Management

Ditch the unhelpful snacking, stop any emotional eating and be your true self.

We all know what foods are healthy and that too much snacking or sugary foods will create weight issues. Even though we understand all this, sometimes food issues are an indicator of emotional eating or unhealthy habits that need a bit of extra help to sort out. 

So weight management is not about diets and happiness removed. It’s about a balance of healthy choices that still allows you to enjoy treats.

Using tools from cognitive hypnotherapy, I can help you to eliminate unhealthy habits so that you can effortlessly fit into those jeans. 


I was feeling a bit frustrated with my weight, I knew I was over eating on treats and as a result had put on weight. I knew about hypnotherapy and how it helped to re-wire the mind at a subconscious level. I was curious to try it and Suzanne had a very calm approach. After the hypnotherapy sessions within days I had stopped overeating sweets and wasn’t tempted to buy chocolate in the shops.

D, Ireland